Bug originally found by Preston159

The following message will freeze an iPhone when received as an iMessage and displayed as a banner notification. Use responsibly.

This bug appears to only affect through iOS v10.1.1. 10.2+ does not seem vulnerable.

Click this link on your iPhone to open a text message with the necessary text pre-entered.


Filip (EverythingApplePro) found a way to make this bug affect iOS 10.2+ upon receipt. Download this contact file and send it via iMessage. You must save into iCloud drive before sending if on iOS.

He also uploaded a video tutorial

Update 2

The sending method has been greatly improved and now does not require a computer for either version. To access the old version of this page, click here

Technical explanation

Click this fix by @vincedes3 to fix broken messages application

Download this contact file if you're sending from Android and the other is too large

Download this contact file if you accidentally imported the contact on Android and your contacts app won't work

Questions? My DMs are open on my Twitter. Please don't contact me for help using it.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages that come because of this exploit. Use responsibly and at your own risk.